Womens Midlife Transitions – Local Event – Oceanside, Ca

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If you are a woman and struggling with midlife changes such as empty nest, separation, divorce, job loss, and other midlife changes, and seeking to recover and rebuild your life but don’t even know where to begin you are in the right group. This is a safe place to examine and work through the emotional chaos that can come from these types of midlife changes.

My name is Kelly Moyer. I am recently divorced and in the last 7 years have worked through many emotional struggles of not only divorce but job loss, empty nest, and many other midlife changes. I am not a counselor or therapist. The purpose of this group is to share experiences and help each other get back up and begin again.

Come join us in moving forward with life and building that awesome new beginning.

Please RSVP here as Space is limited. RSVP here