Happy New Year 2016

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Happy 2016!  We are now stepping into the new year. With that said my last few years have taken me for a bit of a ride. There have been lots of changes for me and lots of adjustments and learning. With my husband leaving, my children are grown and beginning to build their lives, moving from my home to my new home, and my divorce is now coming to a close I am now stepping into my new life.

Although at times the ride of the last few years has been challenging I have also grown in many ways. For me I am focusing my 2016 on balancing all areas of my life (mind, body, and spirit). I have changed my eating habits by eliminating sugar and carbs and have gotten back to my yoga practice. This keeps my body healthy and feeling great. The goal is health for the body.  Also adding back to my weekly regimen my massages and nightly Epsom salt and lavender soaks in my tub. This helps me with stress in the body.  I do a half an hour of meditation daily in the mornings and plan to add an evening half an hour as well. This helps me connect with spirit and my day begins relaxed and  focused. Balance is the goal for me this year.

With all of the activity that goes on around us in daily life it is very easy to lose balance in some area of our life. By having a routine to bring us back there it becomes easier and easier to maintain a healthy balance.

How are you moving into your 2016?

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