Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness 101

This course is designed for the beginner to learn what mindfulness is, how to begin practicing mindfulness, and how to make a daily practice so the awareness it brings can be a benefit to your life.

We the People

We the People: It Begins with You.

It Begins with You! This book is for all of us that want to be a solution in this world but may not know where to begin. All actions big and small bring much light into the world. We all must be the light. Kindle

Light and Darkness

Seeing the Light in the Darkness

In a world where fear is being put out for the masses to catch ahold of I am here to tell you that you don’t have to grab on to the darkness. You can actually look for and find the light in all situations.

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Prayer Request

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How to create your Morning/me time Ritual

In this post I am going to help you create your morning/me time ritual. We all can benefit from having a little time in the morning before heading onto our busy day. Sometimes despite our good intentions we skip this part. How many times did you say I will get up one hour earlier to begin your day and somehow that didn’t happen? It has happened to me.

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Do you have a Morning Ritual?

Do you have a morning ritual? Developing good habits is important in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us tend to fly around by the seat of our pants half the time. When living this way, it can create stress in our lives and sometimes others around us. It can really knock our energy out of whack or at least it does mine.

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