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I was having one of those unplugged moments. You know the ones where you decide to unplug from all devices and just be with the world.

I do this daily but not nearly long enough. If we really think about it we would all benefit from doing it more and for longer periods of time.

Now I do unplug daily. In the morning I wake up, meditate, and I take time to just be with me. I also sit on my patio with paper and pen to write my thoughts. This one I try to do daily but it does not happen daily but I am getting better at the daily part. I began experimenting with this and so far it is amazing.

You would never know that I grew up in an age where we were all unplugged. At my job now I am plugged into my computer and my phone goes everywhere with me. I go to work. I’m on the computer. I come home. I get on the computer or sit with the phone or other device. My point here is we miss out on big pieces of life.

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Yes I unplug but……

Now don’t get me wrong here. Yes I do unplug probably more than most but not nearly enough. I am good about setting my phone aside at home and times when with people that need my undivided attention. Have you ever been out to dinner with someone and you look across the table and the person is texting away on their cell phone or whatever they are doing on it that is much more important than you. I can tell you it doesn’t feel very comfortable to me and some people will be plugged in the entire time. They aren’t really enjoying the time with the other person are they?

I have made a commitment to myself that I will unplug for more hours in the day. Of course for my job I must be plugged in but will mindfully dedicate additional time to unplug.

Of course I will continue my morning meditation and contemplation time. All together this is about an hour and then I get ready for work.

Here are some ways we can all add a little unplug time to our days.

  1. We can also completely unplug at lunch for an hour and just mindfully eat lunch.
  2. After work we can unplug and do something like write, paint, garden, and sit at the beach, go for a walk, plan on paper, do some self care or whatever we might enjoy.
  3. We can also dedicate time on the weekends to unplug as well.

I have been doing this to a degree but realized that even though I do this somewhat, I do not unplug enough.

I have now been adding more time unplugged to my life and let me tell you it for sure has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I am writing more, my brain is clearer, I enjoy just being, and I am much more productive in my life.

When I mean unplug, I mean from everything. Put the phone away. Don’t even take it with you. Don’t turn on the computer, TV, or any device at all.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love technology and I think we are going to see some awesome stuff in the future based on our advancements. I do think however in order to remain healthy and to remain clear in our lives we need to find a balance.

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