On our self growth journey we all are searching for who we are. What do we like? What do we truly want our life to look like? What’s our purpose? We are just trying to find our place here. Is there a higher power and is that higher power within us or somewhere outside of us? Are we living our lives as our true selves or what society taught us it should be? Are we living in balance from our heart center or just going through the motions? Have we really taken the time to dig deep enough or is that too frightening for us? Are we moving to that LOVE place inside of us that see’s everyone in the oneness that we truly are?

I am Kelly.

My life dedication is the focus on finding the truth within me. In search of my true self that is there deep inside. The GOD part of me that I have to dig deep to find. My higher power is GOD. Others may call that power something different and that’s OK.  As the old pieces and perspectives fall away I find more and more of myself. It has been a very empowering experience for me.

I have been digging deep inside and letting the pieces that no longer serve a purpose in this world to fall away and adding to my life new experiences that bring the LOVE to me and to all others around me. This has not been an easy task as there are things ingrained so deep within us that we aren’t even aware of.

I am no different than you. I am a grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter, a very handsome grandson, a mother of three awesome grown children that I am very proud of, a visionary, a Reiki Master, and a warrior to my own self realization.

Come join me on my journey and feel free to share yours. We can all learn to live as one in a world that is full of the most awesome possibilities ever.

It will be fun!