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This is a website based on Self Growth, Spiritual Living, and Living in Unity. We are here to share and grow together. We believe we can help each other grow in every aspect of life and as we grow so does the world. We can all Thrive.

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  • Thu
    7:00 pmTBD

    If you are a woman and struggling with midlife changes such as empty nest, separation, divorce, job loss, and other midlife changes, and seeking to recover and rebuild your life but don’t even know where to begin you are in the right group. This is a safe place to examine and work through the emotional chaos that can come from these types of midlife changes.

    My name is Kelly Moyer. I am recently divorced and in the last 7 years have worked through many emotional struggles of not only divorce but job loss, empty nest, and many other midlife changes. I am not a counselor or therapist. The purpose of this group is to share experiences and help each other get back up and begin again.

    Come join us in moving forward with life and building that awesome new beginning.

    Please RSVP here as Space is limited. RSVP here

  • Wed
    7:00 pmTBD

    Free monthly Reiki Circles are scheduled on the First Wednesday of every month. This event is open to anyone who wishes to experience receiving or giving of Reiki energy. So whether you are an experienced Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master, or if you are new to Reiki, there is a seat for YOU within this circle.
    Reiki will be shared comfortably from the chair position and each participant will receive a full Reiki chair treatment from at least 1 Reiki Practitioner/Master (or more than one treatment depending upon the ratio of Practitioners to those present to receive).
    After all have received Reiki, sharing of experiences is encouraged with Kelly's guidance and the group's support. This is a very loving and non-judgmental sacred healing space.
    The evening will come to a close with the serving of light refreshments.

    Fee: This event is a FREE Community Service!

    Please RSVP as space is limited. RSVP Here

  • Tue
    1:00 pm

    BENEFITING: Wildlife SOS


    EVENT: Macy's Shop for a Cause Charity Challenge

    EVENT DATE: JUL 11, 2017




    Wildlife SOS wrote -

    Behind the bright lights and colorful costumes, the circus hides a devastating secret. Performing elephants, stolen from the wild as babies, and then beaten into submission, stand mournfully swaying with their tightly shackled feet fixed in their own filth. Showtime. The bull-hook scars on their emaciated bodies are hidden beneath garishly coloured costumes and they are lead by fear into the circus ring to perform uncomfortable and dangerous tricks for the amusement of a naive audience. The circus is supposed to be entertaining – but there is nothing funny about pain, there is nothing amusing about cruelty, and there is nothing amazing about an animal being forced to do something for fear of torture. Suffering is no joke. Abuse is not entertainment.

    In 2015, Wildlife SOS launched its circus elephant campaign, with the bold declaration that we would be rescuing every last elephant suffering quietly in India’s circuses.  We’ve already rescued 8 and the current estimate is that there may be another 50 elephants still waiting to be rescued.   Once rescued, the elephants will have the safety, care and protection of the Wildlife SOS sanctuary – and the freedom to be elephants, not entertainers.   Even though illegal, circuses still profit from keeping elephants and we don’t intend to give up until we rescue all of them. We need YOUR help to save the remaining elephants and to help them recover from decades of torture.

    Show your support for Wildlife SOS’ circuses elephant rescues. Let’s make this the greatest show of compassion on earth.

  • Sat

    Come join us for the challenge.

    Here are the rules.

    What is the 10 Day Unplug Challenge?

    For the challenge you must unplug from all and any electronics (phone, tv, tablets, computers) for a period of time each day of the 10 day period. You will find a calendar attachment below that you can download for the days and amount of time to unplug.

    Join the group below.

    Here is a link to the Event: 10 Day Unplug Challenge

    Your commitment is to unplug for the time specified on the specific day. It can be broken out in shorter periods of time during the day. For instance: Day 1 is 1 hour unplugged. You can unplug ½ in the morning and ½ in the evening or wherever you want as long as you are completely unplugged for 1 hour in that day. Then you have to log into the group and under the daily comment for the specific day and tell what you did, how long, and your thoughts.

    This group is where the challengers can post what they did when unplugged and the amount of time they were unplugged and how it feels to unplug.

    Can't wait to see here. Good luck everyone.