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Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for relaxing

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Nobody likes relaxing more than me. I love my relax time. We all know that essential oils have so many benefits and there are so many ways to use them. I love putting together some relax time blends into my diffuser.

You will need a diffuser. When choosing a diffuser for the aromatic use of essential oils, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there. You’ll have your choice between water diffusers and waterless diffusers . A water diffuser uses water to help disperse essential oils through the air in a fine mist. Waterless diffusers  simply diffuse straight oil into the air. Both are very effective. It is never advised to use a diffuser that uses heat or other elements that could change the structure of the essential oil.

Below are some of the blends that help me relax. I love to share with you. Hope you enjoy.

Relaxing Blend 1

5 drops of frankincense

5 drops jasmine

Put these into your diffuser and enjoy.

Relaxing Blend 2

10 drops of lavender

Put these into your diffuser and enjoy.

Relaxing Blend 3

5 drops of clary sage

5 drops of bergamot

Put these into your diffuser and enjoy.

Relaxing Blend 4

10 drops of chamomile

Put these into your diffuser and enjoy.

These are a few of my favorite relaxing blends. Give them a try for yourself.  If you have some blends of your own feel free to share. We love to hear from you.


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31 thoughts on “Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for relaxing”

Sandi Harvath

Great post! I did have a question though that I am hoping you can answer. Is it possible to get addicted to essential oils? I just started using them and there’s so much conflicting information. I appreciate any answers you can give me.


    Hi Sandi,

    Everything in balance is a saying I use. I am not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. I don’t believe that you can become addicted to essential oils chemically. However as with everything we do I feel we can become dependent on anything that has positive affects for us. Essential oils are great for reducing stress and bringing balance to your body and there are many uses. My experience has been a positive one so far. I hope this helps.


I think a diffuser is going to be on my letter to Santa this Xmas! Thanks for sharing, I definitely love the idea of the Lavender blend 🙂 xx


OK so you’ve twisted my arm, I am going to get a diffuser ASAP. I keep seeing them around but never realised there were no many options. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing 🙂


This is something I have always wanted to get into. Great post. I need to try essential oils.


I didn’t realize there were so many options for relaxation! I’ll have to try the bergamot and sage. Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth miller sliwa

I’m going to try the clary sage and bergomot tonight! I usually default to good ol Lavender (love it), but thanks for inspiration to switch it up a little.


I love EOs and I habe several of these. I’ll give your blends a try!!


Thanks for the great combinations! I keep a list of different essential oil combinations, and this is getting added to it.


I’m always looking for good recipes for the diffuser. Thanks!


as a mom of 2 toddlers I could use any ideas for relaxing. essential oils helped with my post party depression, I haven’t thought to continue using them for other ailments.


I will have to try the Jasmin combo. I got a little diffuser that connects to my laptop via USB. It has save many days when things got just a little too stressful.


Being pregnant I have looked up different essential oils that I can and can’t use, and I have found that I can’t use Clary Sage because it can cause contractions otherwise I would try that. I’ve only recently started experimenting with them and have found that I really like Lavendar, Orange, and Ylang Ylang blended together. You should do a pregnancy and labor blends post. There isn’t a lot that I’ve found about them. ❤️


I recently met several people that are uinge the essential oils and I’m very curious to try them myself. Thanks for the suggestions.


I just got a diffuser! I will give that combo a try! Thanks!


Love this! Thanks for sharing your blends! I have to try these!


I have never used oils before but I have heard how beneficial they are. Great recommendations!


I love my diffuser! These are great oil suggestions. Perfect for this busy season! 🙂


Here a really good Christmas one:
7 drops Spruce
5 drops Cinnamon
5 drops Sweet Orange

This one is great too.


So many benefits. I would love to give a diffuser as a gift for my mom.

Stacey Billingsley

My husband just got one of the water ones, and he’s been trying all kinds of oils and mixtures. My favorite one kind of smells like cinnamon rolls. I keep thinking I’ll ask what the mixture is, but I just relax and enjoy!


I don’t have a diffuser, but maybe I should look into getting one! I have a hard time relaxing before bed.


We had an oil diffuser while laboring to help relax!

Laura Belle

I don’t think I have ever smelled Chamomile. I might try that one.


I loveeeeeeeeee Lavender! I need to branch out and try some other oils!


I love the oils. They have so many benefits. They are so healing in many ways.


I love the idea of diffusing essential oils. So far my one and only experience with essential oils is this one great tip I picked up off another blog: to mix water and lavender oil in a small mister and smuggle (ha!) it on board a plane. A good spritz smells good and is super relaxing. Bonus: the spray helps keep your skin moist in the dry airplane air.


Thanks for posting this, my daughter asked for a diffuser for Christmas and I had no idea what oils to get her to go along with it.


I have never used oils before. I work in a hospital and once had a family bring in some sort of diffuser to help calm a loved one who was passing away from cancer. Thanks for the suggestions.

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