5 Good Habits for Self Care

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Self Care is an area in my life that I neglected somewhat. There never seemed to be enough time while raising kids, working, and dealing with all the crazy things life throws our way. We just get so busy and our own health and well being at the time doesn’t seem to be on the priority list. The stresses then will in time take a tole on the body and mind.

Here are five things that I have made a habit to do for my own self care over the last five years. Creating a schedule for myself  has made a great impact on my life.

  1. Meditation – I meditate every morning for a half an hour before I begin my day. This for me helps me connect with myself and begin my day with clarity.
  2. Regularly scheduled Massage time – I do this weekly to keep my body in balance and unstressed. This works for me well. I carry my stresses in my body and begin to feel it otherwise.
  3. 2-3 times a week yoga (exercise of choice) – This for me is a great way to release negative energy. Keeps me balanced.
  4. Epsom Salt Baths – Great way to relax.
  5. Read a book – I read more informational books but choose what you love. 

Seems like a lot of relaxing doesn’t it? Yes I do like to relax. I wish I would have made time for myself earlier in my life. I never noticed the stress in my body when I was running through life not paying much attention to me. Once I became aware of it I decided I should really do something or eventually my health would suffer.

This is my self care schedule. It works for me to keep my mind and body in balance on a daily basis.

What do you do to keep you balanced and healthy?


3 thoughts on “5 Good Habits for Self Care”

Julie I Aloha Lovely

I run every morning before work and try to do cross fit 3 times a week. Keeps me sane! I need to start meditating too.


Great suggestions, I know i feel so much better when I exercise regularly and have been thinking about Yoga. Thanks for the reminder!


Love this! These are definitely habits I always try to incorporate into my life.

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