Always Be You

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I say Always be you. How many times have you changed who you are to please others? How many times did you give up things in your life because others didn’t want that for you? How many times have you not stepped forward or not done something of benefit to you because of what others might think or because they might get mad at you? I am here to tell you to be you.

Learning to value you is sometimes hard. Sometimes we think we are being true to ourselves when really we may not be. Now I am not saying to not do anything for others because helping and supporting others can be so rewarding and joyful. What I am saying is sometimes we have to love and value ourselves first before we can be true in being there for others. If we are not there for ourselves first we can then become resentful or even depressed. We wouldn’t be living our truth and that is not a good feeling at all. Others will love you for who you are and appreciate you for living your honest truth.

Here are a few helpful suggestions in transitioning to the true you.

1) Explore what you want and who you are.

Sometimes you have walked around in life doing and being for everyone else for so long that you may not even know what you want or like in life. Set up time everyday to look at this. Make a list of things you might want to do or what you think about things.

2) Learn how to say no when someone wants you to do for them and you don’t want to. This way you don’t become resentful.

This is not always easy and takes practice. The more you practice this the easier it gets. It is OK to say no.

3) Try one of the things in number one that you want to do and don’t worry what others will think just do it.

You may add something of great value to your life and others may just follow along. If not that’s OK too. You need to be you and this is a great way to find you.

These are only a few steps you can use to find you and let go of your need to please others. As you love and value yourself more and more you will be living more of your true you. Nothing is more powerful than being the you that you are meant to be. At this point you are also able to contribute more value to others, without resentment and knowing that you are loved for being you.

6 thoughts on “Always Be You”

Debbie G

Being yourself first and foremost is so important. No one knows you better than you!

Becca Wilson

Learning how to say no has been something I have had to train myself to do. If it’s not something my heart is really in I have learned this is the best.


That is my number 1 to live by!! Always be you! They’re either going to love you or hate you but at least you’re being true to you!!

Julie I Aloha Lovely

Saying no always feels like a big achievement for me. And its entertaining when people are so shocked when you say it, lol!

Daniella Perruccio

I totally agree. Its all about starting with who you really are and really understanding on a deep level what it is that will make you happy. When you are happy, the people around you are also happier. Thanks so much for sharing this!


Love this! Saying “No” used to be very hard for me. Now I can say No and not feel guilty. This is a great reminder for everyone. Great article!

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