Summer Essential Oil Blends

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Here I am again with some summer essential oil blends for your diffuser. I have been playing with some mixtures in my own diffuser and have found some that I am loving so I thought I would share. I don’t want you to miss out on ways to add to your stress free living.

You will need a diffuser. When choosing a diffuser for the aromatic use of essential oils, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there. You’ll have your choice between water diffusers and water-less diffusers. A water diffuser uses water to help disperse essential oils through the air in a fine mist. Water-less diffusers  simply diffuse straight oil into the air. Both are very effective. It is never advised to use a diffuser that uses heat or other elements that could change the structure of the essential oil. I prefer the one that uses water.

Summer Blends


Have fun trying these blends in your diffuser.  Also feel free to let us know your favorite. Mine is the beachy blend. Hopefully this keeps you cool for summer. Enjoy!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Summer Essential Oil Blends”

Jen @ Jenron Designs

What a cool looking diffuser, I like the square shape very modern perfect for a sleek bathroom design. Also great recipes for the the oil mixes to go along with a serine enviroment to relax. The perfect getaway to the beach 🙂


These are some great blends! Definitely could use the “focus” blend, but I think I need to expand my oils collection so I can make some of these others!

Denay DeGuzman

I’ve been wanting to invest in a diffuser and essential oils. I love this resource for summer essential oil blends. They sound perfect for the season!


I’m obsessed with lavender, which is like all I use, so I’m excited that these are different and I can’t wait to try these out!

Brittany Nicole

Oh this is so cool! I love that you included several different scent combos! xo, Brittany Nicole |


Coastly Wow sounds like it would smell great! I’m not sure if I have anymore Frank since I found my toddler applying it to his knees while watching TV the other day.


I’ve really been trying to get into essential oils recently and some of these scents sound like they would me amazing!

Marija Kuzmanović

I love these suggestions! I guess I would be going for the beachy combination, since I adore ylang ylang smell 🙂

Lauren Berger

I love these combinations! I am pinning this to have it on hand when I get home from work!


I love the sound of all of these, you can never go wrong with a good beachy smell, especially in the summer!

~xo Sheree

Jagruti Dhanecha

All of them sounds good, but if I have to choose I would go for Beachy one 🙂 Summer is all about beaches and fresh air.

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