Everything is Vibration

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Today I am thinking about vibration. Everything is vibration. Do we really know what that means? Everyone and everything vibrates at it’s own level. Let’s take a look at the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration states that nothing rests, everything vibrates, and forms different rates of frequency. Fear and anger based emotions vibrate at a lower frequency and love, joy, and happiness vibrate higher. In order to attract and keep a life style of higher vibration we must ourselves stay balanced in the level of vibration we are wanting to experience. Also if we raise our own vibration it raises the the vibration of the collective as a whole.

Everyone has the ability to raise their vibration and keep it there but it takes practice for it to become a natural state of being. It takes clearing the stuff that you have been hanging on to. Some of it you may not even be aware of. The more fear based emotions that you release and let go of the higher you vibrate. You will not be able to attract and keep a higher vibratory lifestyle if you aren’t willing to release the old fear based stuff that you are carrying around. This takes work and the willingness to take a good deep look into yourself with a very open and aware mind.

There are some processes that you can do to bring up and release some of the old lower energy. This will raise your vibration. The more work you do here the easier it will be to rise and stay balanced in vibration.

Here are a few ways to begin working. These are some ways that have worked for me. There are many and you will find what works best for you.

10 ways to grow and begin to raise your vibration

1) Meditate – I do this daily in the morning. This starts my day off great.
2) Forgiveness – Create a daily forgiveness practice to forgive yourself and/or others for whatever needs forgiving. I do this every evening.
3) Detox Bath – I use Epson Salt and essential oils.
4) Yoga
5) Breath work – Breath in for 8 seconds and breath out for ten seconds. This is good for relieving stress in the body.
6) Essential oils in different combinations can help release some old gunk.
7) Massage
8) Be mindful in nature
9) Have a Reiki session
10) Sound Therapy

These are a few ways that you can begin working on raising your own vibration and in doing so you have an impact on the whole. As you rise, we all do and as we all do the world that we live in reflects this as well.

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