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Faith to me is believing in something that can’t be seen. It is believing that no matter what you are experiencing even if it seems like there is no resolve you know that there is and a solution will show up.

I have experienced this so many times in my life that it is my life. I have seen the positive effects of having a strong faith over and over. I guess this is why my faith is so very strong.

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GOD (source, universal intelligence) is where my faith lies. I know that whatever the situation all I have to do is ask and a way is made.

I have had many examples of this in my life and here are a few.

When I was a teenager my parents divorced. We were a middle-class family up to this point. My mom had never worked outside the home and the job that she found she made $2.95 an hour. Also my dad didn’t give her much in child support  for raising three kids. I must also add that even though this was the case we never wanted for anything. We always had everything we needed. So on with my first example.

Example 1:

In the home we lived in the water heater needed replaced. My mom had no idea how she would afford to have it fixed. There was no money to have it fixed. She prayed and had faith that it would be resolved. Out of nowhere a company showed up that would replace it and allow her to make payments. This made it affordable for her.

Example 2:

Here is another example  when we got caught in a blizzard in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere. Our car went off the road and into a ditch and we were stuck. We were pretty much on a deserted road. All of a sudden a tow truck pulled up behind us and helped pull the car out of the ditch. My mom tried to pay the man something but the man refused. The next day my mom tried to find the towing company and couldn’t find a company by that name in all of Ohio.

Example 3:

I’ll give one more example that happened a few years ago during my divorce. I was still living in our house when the plumbing backed up and water was everywhere. I called a company that came out and cleaned the pipes out to the street which I paid for. One week later it backed up again. The company that I was working with came back and I paid them again to clean out the pipes again and at this point had already paid out close to seven hundred dollars total. Two more weeks past and it backed up again. The roots from our tree kept growing into the piping and create a block. They told me it would cost six thousand dollars to fix it and I had to pay them up front in full. Well I was going through a divorce and didn’t have that amount of money to pay them all at once. There was nothing they would do without it paid in full. At this point I had no plumbing. I had to shower at the Gym and use the restroom elsewhere. I also had no solution.

I sat down and because I had such strong faith that a solution would be given I asked GOD (source, Universal Intelligence) for a solution. I knew 100% for certain that a solution was on the way. I wasn’t sure how, when or who but I knew it would be there. Then I got a referral number which I called but they were out of town and I had to leave a message. I sat down on the couch with the question “GOD what do I do now?” I was sitting there for not more than a minute when the phone rang. It was a plumber and the guy asked “Do you need a plumber?” I explained my situation and they told me not to worry about a thing they would be there that evening to check it out and would work with me on paying for it. They would fix it.

I thought this was the plumber that I left the message for but it was not. He called me not long after, was out of town, and couldn’t get there until Monday anyway. I was sent the perfect solution. They fixed my issue, charged me half the cost, and allowed me to make payments. I had total faith that this would be resolved. I didn’t know how or when and I never once doubted the process.

These are a few ways having a strong faith in GOD has helped me. I never had a doubt and I had no idea how they would work out. I just followed the lead. I have many of these stories that I could share but I would take up much of your time.

My point here is to let you know that your Faith is much stronger than fear in every situation. Anything that you are going through in your life can be overcome by having total faith that it will be resolved. Does this mean to sit there and do nothing? No it does not. It means that you need to sit down and ask for help and 100% without a doubt have faith and believe that you will get a solution. You also need to accept the solution and act on it. You have to have faith in what you cannot see even when you see no way.

I believe faith can move mountains. It is so powerful.

How has your faith in GOD(Source/Universe) shown you the way? Is your faith strong or is there doubt lingering? Strengthen your faith in GOD and see what happens.

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I am really thankful to the holder of this web site who has shared this impressive paragraph at at this time.

Marjie Mare

Thanks so much for your post. I have faith and have also written a post about faith. Every now and then, we need to strengthen our faith and your post just did that to me.

Sarah Fatima

Very motivated post…! You can see stars in the darkness if you have faith. Lovely read. You make my faith strong. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Love with faith is always powerful no matter what! this post is inspiring!

Samantha Rush

Faith is so important in our lives. Great read.

Puneet Kaur Chhabra

I totally agree with you that Faith is much stronger than fear in every situation…… I loved reading your post.

Kim Shea

This is very inspiring. The examples are wonderful! How could you not have faith after reading these???
Thank you for sharing!

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