Be Happy Unconditionally

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How many times have you heard someone say, “I will be happy when I get that job or house or dress or my spouse retires or whatever the condition”? This happens quite a bit in life and with many of us.

Then when the time comes and they get that job they still are not happy and begin searching for that next thing that will help them find happiness.

Or maybe you get all the stuff and things and think you are happy and then one day it is all taken away. Would you be able to be happy then? The key is to be able to still be happy anyway.

Why not just be happy now without any condition and right where you are at this moment? It is pretty easy to do. You just need to make up your mind to be happy and you are right? Sometimes yes, but mostly you will have to be willing to look at why you think you aren’t happy without the conditions that you think you need. You will also have to be willing to let it all go. Whatever blocks you have put up in there you will have to let them go.

Now I am not going to tell you what to do or what blocks you may have put up that is keeping you from happiness because this is for you to work out. Basically it is to become aware there is even anything to look at and release it. You then can become more aware of your brain chatter and what triggers your fears. Then you will be able to just let them go. The more you let go the happier you can be and not just because you received some condition but because you are truly happy just where you are right here and right now.

5 Things you can do to be Happy Unconditionally Now

  1. Be grateful. Look around you and find some things in your life that you are grateful for. Sometimes we are so busy looking at what we don’t have that we forget what we do have.
  2. Just Be. Stop for a moment and be in the moment. Don’t try to be anything or force anything in your life to happen. Just Be. In this moment you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere or even be anyone. Just be who you are at this moment.
  3. Just decide to be happy. Wake up in the morning and decide that you are happy. It is all up to you.
  4. Take a walk in nature. This can be a major up-lifter and while you are out there look for the beauty that surrounds you.
  5. Self-Care – This is a great one because if you are not caring for you then you can’t fully care about others and this can create a huge amount of resentment.

Most of all be OK with who you are now and what you are doing without conditions. As you learn more of who you truly are and not who you think yourself to be, you will naturally let go and become happier. You really can be happy without conditions.

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17 thoughts on “Be Happy Unconditionally”


Great tips! Over the years I’ve learned that being content is key. If not, you’re always going to be in a cycle of correlating happiness with things/status.


Being grateful as soon as I wake up every morning, I love it! A walk in the nature is also a good connection with ourselves 🙂

Lia Petersen

It’s simple things but so easily overlooked. Mind over matter. Thanks for the inspo!


I’ll be happy no matter what is my motto!
Waiting for things to be perfect before been happy is a wrong idea. Thanks for such an informative post!


For me walking especially hiking in mountains and in lap of mother nature makes me happy. Listening to music, self care, gratitude too helps to boost confidence and calm down.


This resonated with me today. I had a rough day yesterday and really needed to let myself feel it all. I find myself making myself super busy to distract myself, yet yesterday was different. Today I’m going to do a few of the things you mentioned. 🙂

Lauren | Laurel and Iron

You’re so right. Waiting to be happy is nonsense. I always think “I’ll be happy when I lose 5 more pounds” and it’s such a lie. If I do lose 5 lbs, I’ll want to lose more. If don’t, then I don’t deserve to be happy? I know I need to switch up the mindset.

Lauren | https://www.laurelandiron.com/


When I focus on the good things that have happened to me, my mood changes to good feelings.

Curious and Geeks

For me, it would be walking on a beach or near the sea. I can feel an immediate change in my mood.

Shelley L

I find that when I purposely focus on what I am grateful for — happiness follows.


Taking a walk is really one of the best ways to liven up my mood whenever I am feeling a bit down or stressed. It really does just put things into perspective.

Great post! x



    Walking is awesome way to raise the mood and in nature it is even better. I love walking especially in nature.

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