It all begins with you – Finding your Happy

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It all begins with you – Finding your Happy

We all look to live a happy life. Some want a life full of peace, joy, and love. We all wish to be confident, balanced, and fulfilled in our lives. We want purposeful and abundant lives.

You can have all of this however it all begins with you. You have to be willing to look at you on the deepest level.

In our lives we find ourselves complaining that this person did this and this person did that or this person made me feel this way or they made me feel that way when in reality this is our opportunity to look deeply into ourselves. The thing is we rarely stop long enough to do is to take a look at ourselves. We are so programmed to place the blame elsewhere. We sometimes even stop caring for ourselves to the point of not even knowing who we are. It is time now to take responsibility for you. You have the right to be happy too. Your happiness begins with you.

I know what you are asking. How do I fit me in when everyone demands my time? I have my kids, my husband, my job, and my friends and all of them want my time. How do I begin working on me when I am so busy doing for everyone else? Well I am going to tell you how to begin. It is with small steps. You will also find what works for you best but the best part is you will be more aware of the world that surrounds you and even more aware of yourself. Also you will not become resentful of all you do for others and you will feel more fulfilled within your own life. You will not only care for others but you will love yourself just a little more too.

So let us begin. First of all I want to say nobody can make you feel any certain way. You do that all by yourself. Another thing is that what other people do is not about you. It is about them. You aren’t responsible for what they do or how they behave. You are only responsible for you.

6 Ways to begin with you

The below suggestions are what has worked for me in the past. You will find your own schedule and ways but the most important thing is to find the time for you to work on you. This is how to start to find your Happy.

  • Get up half an hour to an hour earlier then you normally do 

This will give you the time to make your own morning routine and when it is quiet. You could maybe meditate for fifteen minutes, write in your journal, have a cup of coffee in quiet while you contemplate, or even do fifteen minute yoga or exercise program to get you going. Find something that relaxes and puts you in balance. When you start off balanced the rest of the day is much easier.

  • Start your bedtime routine earlier

Also if you end the day earlier this gives some quiet to think about you. I like an essential oil bath before bed for a little relaxation.

  • Just say No

When everyone is fighting for your attention or the neighbor wants you to do something or the friend wants you to run an errand for them and your plate is full it is ok to say no. No is not a dirty word. Saying no is ok and once you do it a couple of times it will get easy.

  • Just say Yes

If someone wants to watch the kids or cook the dinner or run the errand to give you a break just say yes. You don’t have to do everything. It is ok to allow someone else to pitch in every now and then.

  • Make a list of what you like to do

Make a list of the things you like to do or would like to try if time was no challenge and money wasn’t an issue.

  • Pick from your list

Pick one thing from your list, make a plan, and do it. Make some time for you.

Begin small. Finding the you part of caring for everyone is so important. You cannot fully give to the people you love until you include you in the equation.

Good luck in finding your happy life. Wishing a happy Life for Everyone.

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14 thoughts on “It all begins with you – Finding your Happy”

Katie | Life She Lives

I have been trying to get to bed earlier myself. I have such terrible habits when it comes to creating and following a schedule but I do find that when I get to bed earlier, my next day is so much better!


i love this so much! my own happiness is something ive been really trying to focus on!


Wow, these are exactly the steps I’ve been intentionally trying to follow recently! Starting my bedtime routine earlier and getting up earlier are such a challenge, but on the days when I’m able to do that I feel so much better! Lovely post. xo!

George Simon

Love this post! Starting with yourself and giving yourself time is a radical act of self-love!


These are great tips! I have 3 kids, so I completely understand how important it is to have time to yourself, set boundaries and accept help. Thanks for all the reminders!!


These are all good points and tips. We definitely need to be more in tuned with ourselves. We are in control of our mood, thoughts, and feelings.


Great tips! We have to begin taking care of ourselves and take full responsibility for our happiness and wellbeing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Katie McCarthy

Thanks for sharing! I love getting up earlier than my s/o on the weekends! It’s perfect me time since he is not a morning person and I love being up with the sun!

Caylin Gibson

These are some really great ideas! I think that we need to think about how to make ourselves happy so that we can help others find their happiness too.


These are great ideas and tips to an happy life . It’s important to be aware that it all start within us . Thanks for sharing ????????????


getting up early is always helpful to me to getting things done and being productive! its a great way to start my day 🙂


I like all your ideas. Especially journalling or meditating when you first get up. I keep intending NOT to check my social media first thing in the morning and so far haven’t broken that bad habit, but any day now that’s going to change. Thanks for the encouragement.


Great advice. Often times we as women take on too much and put us last and at the bottom of the never-ending pile of todos.

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