Allowing yourself to feel again

Allowing yourself to feel again

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We all have loses in our lives or times where we feel deeply about a situation or experience. There was a time in my life that I blocked myself from feeling my experiences deeply. I would actually apologize for having them.I just stuffed them down and didn’t allow myself to feel. The mindset for me was just keep going. You don’t really matter. I don’t really have time for this feeling so let’s just ignore it. Well let me tell you “Yes, you do matter”. Also yes you are allowed to feel the emotions that you are stuffing and below I will give you a few ideas on how to recognize and begin to feel again. Remember this is a process and will take practice on your end. You may want to write your feelings down so a journal or pad of paper and pen will be needed.


Recognize the feeling

First of all you will have to even recognize that the feelings in you even exist. Sometimes we deny that we even have any fear based feelings like sadness or anger deep inside of us. We just push them aside and continue on. You must recognize and accept the feelings that you carry around in order to release them. Here are a few ideas that you can use to begin to recognize what you are stuffing down, accept it, and then you may begin to release what no longer serves you.

  1. Make time daily to sit in a quiet space. You decide how long and when you schedule this. It could be five minutes a day or an hour a day. You decide.
  2. Close your eyes and just breath to relax and be calm and feel whatever comes to you.
  3. Do not judge what you feel. Let yourself feel without judgment.

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Write what comes up

  1. In your journal write down anything that comes up in your thoughts. Write anything and everything that comes up for you no matter what the thought. Take your time and let everything flow on the paper.

Reflect and Acknowledge

  1. Reflect on what you have written. Really look at it and reflect on what is there.
  2. Acknowledge it is there.

Accept and Release

  1. Accept what you feel. The more you accept the feelings you are experiencing the easier it is to release them.
  2. Share your feelings if you want with someone you trust.
  3. Release the feeling.

This process takes practice and the more you do this the better you will get at recognizing, accepting, and releasing emotions so you don’t carry them in the body and create health issues. Although this is another post for later I will say the body is energetically affected by the emotions that you hang onto. It is OK to feel the emotions from whatever the situation but whatever you do don’t get stuck in it and hang on. Allow yourself to feel then release it and let it go and move forward.

8 thoughts on “Allowing yourself to feel again”

This is a topic that is close to my heart…
Many thanks! Where are your contact details though?


Thanks for the suggestions, I feel peaceful just reading this.


The last paragraph really got me. “Let it go and move forward”. It’s hard to do but it’s worth it, especially when letting go is the best for my well being. Thanks for sharing these deep insights.


I love this. It’s so easy to just shut off but it’s important to feel. Great post and solid advice

tachira wiltshire

I love all of these suggestions. I tend to ignore my feelings and just chug along but I have realised that is never the healthy way eventually they get all bottled up and you just explode. I like writing as a way of getting it all out and meditation usually helps me with conquering those old demons. Healing can be a long and sometimes painful process but baby steps and working on yourself and how you feel every day can do wonders for your mind. body and soul.


This is a great post. These practices can be life changing, but I love that you state it takes time. Mindfulness takes practice and patience. It is important to treat yourself kindly as you go through the practice!


Ive found that writing things down really does help to clear my head of all the noise. Hiding emotions isn’t good for your well-being or your health. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.


Yes, healing yourself from within and letting it go instead of pushing it more into your subconscious this is a great post.

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