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Five ways to release stress from the body

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Did you know that when there is stress it is usually carried in our bodies somewhere? Not only that but it can create health issues and sometimes these issues can play a role in how we function daily in our lives.These issues can wreak havoc in our minds and our bodies if we let it or we can find ways to release the stress and incorporate these into our daily practice so we can live much more balanced lives.


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There are many ways to release stress from the body but I will give you my daily process and a few ways I use as well periodically to release stress and feel good. First of all I will tell you that I have fibromyalgia and I have a process that works for me and I if I get off track which believe me I have gotten off track, I can tell a difference. You will find your own methods that work for you. I am sharing what works for me. This will give you a place to begin to explore ways that will work to release your stress.

My Daily Practice

1) Meditation – (I do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before bed)

To begin the practice of meditation, find a quiet place free of distractions. Set a timer for five minutes or ten minutes or however long you would like to start with and sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Then close your eyes and connect with your breath by focusing on your breathing without trying to direct it. Your breath is your anchor to the present moment. When your mind wanders off in thought just bring focus back to your breath.
The meditation above is a mindful meditation practice. You will find what works for you.

2) Breath Work

This you can do anywhere and anytime. Exhale completely through your mouth, making sure to breathe out completely. Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of eight. Exhale completely through your mouth, making sure to breathe out completely to a count of eight. Concentrate on only your breathing while doing this exercise. Try to let go of other thoughts that may be spinning around in your brain. You can do this several times a day and from wherever you are and can be five or ten minutes or as long as you want.

3) Epson Salt and Essential Oil baths

Baths are super relaxing for me. Epson salt is super detoxifying and essential oils are very effective in releasing stress energies in the body. A few essential oils you can add to the bath for relaxing would be Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Rose and many others. Also Clove oil or Cinnamon oil is very detoxifying. There are many combinations and I have had much success with the oils.

4) Mindful Walking

You can walk anywhere indoor or outdoor. It is up to you. You will begin by taking a few breaths, standing still and being aware of your surroundings. You will then begin by walking a normal pace. Keep your mind on your walking. Pay attention to every step and how your body moves. If you catch your mind wandering bring yourself to your breath and count your breaths to bring you back to focus. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are outside it might be the birds or the trees. Also listen to the sounds and smells. Stay aware of everything around you. As you come to an end. Stand still for a moment before ending the practice.

5) Journal

Writing in the journal brings great clarity to me. Hopefully this will be helpful for you as well. For a how to journal go to (Journaling) for an easy guide on what and how to begin journaling.

These are some things I do daily as a practice to keep my body in balance. I also practice yoga a few days a week, I get massages, go out in nature, clear my chakras, Reiki, use crystals at home and my work space to keep the energy levels up in those areas of my life and more. There are many ways to release stress in your body. The key is to build a practice to where you can keep yourself in balance. This will add clarity to your life and you will begin to feel awesome.

I recommend you create a process of your own that you can do daily that will keep the stress down to a minimum. Begin slowly by adding one thing at a time. Experiment with what works for you.

Most of all take time for you. You cannot fully be there for others without taking care of you first.

44 thoughts on “Five ways to release stress from the body”

zoritoler imol

superb post.Ne’er knew this, thanks for letting me know.

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Your website is fantastic, I just found your website at Yahoo, I am interested to learn more. Hope it works out for me. Thank You.


I read to reduce stress. It controls my mind and keeps my focus strong. It really helps, prayer and playing piano work well for me too! And I love your idea of walking.


These are all so simple, yet can profoundly effect your mental, emotional and physical well being. Great list!


Journaling is definitely a great stress reliever and I love that I can look back on my thoughts later.


Ylang Ylang essential oil is my favorite for when I’m stressed. I just open the bottle and breath in deeply! Great ideas!

Kristi Ann

Walking is so helpful for me when I am stressed. Great advice here.


We all could use these tips for sure!


Great tips! I love journaling, I find it really helps me work through my thoughts and feelings from a situation


Wonderful advice, and boy, there are so many people that can benefit from it, including me. I have always wanted to learn to meditate properly, but I don’t seem to be able to focus on it! My mind is always spinning, thinking about work, chores, paying bills, etc…I really have to get serious about meditation! Great article!


    The key is just practice. There is no wrong way to meditate. This keeps me centered and grounded. Start slow with just 5 or 10 minutes a day and work from there.


I need to work on meditating more. Thanks for the tips!


Lavender epsom baths are my go-to! Looking forward to trying some of the other tips too.

Laura G

I love meditation! It is such an important pillar of wellbeing!


I do all of these some of the time 😉 need to find a way to be more consistent. Thanks for the reminder!


Aww a bath in epsom salts and lavender. And breathing. An walking outside. All so nice.


Being mindful is so important. It just helps the body in all you do and to keep stress low. This is a great article.


I’ve never heard of “mindful walking,” but now I want to try it! Thanks!

Ashley Reese

These are great ideas! I like the idea of mindful walking!

Ina @ Crafty For Home

Walking and journal help to relax, also the breathwork will improve sleeping, great tips!


Such great ideas! It’s so important not to carry stress around as it will kill you.


I’m going to have to try essential oils in the bath. That sounds very relaxing. Thank you for sharing!


these are all great ideas! journaling is one of my favorite stress revilers but im trying to get into meditation!


    The key is finding what works and make this a daily practice which can bring you into a happier and healthier life.


I love these tips to be stress free. I think my blog is very much like my journal and how lucky am I that I can help support my family from doing something that helps relieve my stress! Double win for me that is for sure. I think I really need to try the baths. I pinned yesterday a bath bomb home made from Epsom salt and essential oils. Maybe it’s time to give that a try. Thanks for sharing your tips.


Spending time in nature is a great stress reliever for me. When I’m hiking I try to focus on the smell of the trees, the sounds of the birds, and the feel of the wind on my face. I’ll try to incorporate mindful walking into my hikes!

Danielle Lavoie

I have always found that journaling quiets the mind and the soul. Great suggestions!


These are great suggestions! I have been doing some journaling (partially through my blog) and breath work. I am hoping to start a meditation practice soon!


    All of those are my choices for staying stress free in a busy world. Good luck with your new practice. I hope you love it.


Mindful walking is my favorite. It’s so easy and practical.


I love mindful walking. It’s so easy in the sense that I can practise it anytime and get to appreciate nature at the same time.


Journaling is so therapeutic. Thank you for the reminder.


I have anxiety and I really should apply these awesome tips more! These would help me release stress and have more peace of mind. I want to look more into essential oils and how they can help me out. Thanks for sharing!


    Essential Oils are great for Anxiety. I love the essential oils for stress relief. Let us know what you find that works for you.


Mindful walking and journalizing are two of the stress busters takeaways I walk away from your post with. form this very informative post.


These are some awesome suggestions! I’ve really been trying to practice mindful breathing and meditation before bed to reduce stress.


    You can apply mindful breathing anywhere and anytime so this is awesome. Before bed is a great time to practice. Nothing heals better than a great sleep.

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