When life throws you a curve ball

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Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball and this can cause us to take a tumble. When we fall we may feel many emotions that are uncomfortable. I say feel those emotions but don’t stay there.

There are many things that can happen to make us fall. There are financial things, divorce, losing a loved one, and the list goes on. Sometimes what makes us fall is so devastating that we can’t even see how we will make it through but let me tell you this with faith in a higher power and a little bit of “I’ve got this” we make it. We not only make it but when we look back we can barely believe it happened and that we were suffering.

Falling down is OK.

I want you to know that falling down is OK and if you want to sleep for a day or two or cry for a while this is OK too. Heck during the time separated from my ex-husband I had to take a day off work just to cry the entire day. I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t just do that once either. I did it twice. Allow yourself the time to feel the emotions. This will be better for you in the long run rather than shutting them off and trust me you will be glad you did. It makes the healing so much easier too as long as you eventually make yourself get back up.

Sometimes we find ourselves in one financial situation after the next not knowing what the way out will be. I can tell you here as well that with much faith and a lot of praying a way will be made. If you keep this attitude and know that things are going to get better they will.

My point here is to say that no matter what your situation in life it is ok to fall down. Make sure you feel all the feelings. Write them down, let them out, see a therapist or do whatever you must to get through. Just don’t get stuck there. Don’t stay in that place. Make sure that you get back up. Take care of you.

When you get back up you will see that there is something greater waiting for you in the distance. Something maybe that throws you into a better situation than you could have ever imagined. What a beautiful life we live.

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