Shooting for Healthy

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How many times have you begun a program to lose weight and become healthier only to stop and lose the progress that you made? I think we all have done this and when trying to return to the program it gets harder and harder the longer you stay away. I know this because this has been a hard place for me. 

I have battled this one and I should say I have made some changes this time around and I am on my way back to feeling healthy again. I am losing weight and I most of all am feeling healthier.

For me my issue was mostly lack of exercise and some foods that don’t agree with my body. This means that when I eat them I feel horrible and my weight rises. My body screams in pain too. For me I had to pay attention to what my body was telling me and move more throughout the day. My job is a seated one so a reminder to get up every now and then is helpful. This is another one of those self care changes that I really needed to make for my life and stick to it. This time I shoot for Healthy and not just being thinner. Also you should know that I am not perfect so sometimes I slip up. The key is to continue on until you succeed.

Here are a few helpful things I did to get me moving more daily.

1. I bought a FitBit. I love the FitBit. I can track my steps throughout the day and the one I have I can set to buzz me to remind me to get up and stretch my legs.  My goal is 10000 steps per day.

2. I found my favorite activity so I would look forward to going during the week and I have scheduled 4 days a week for Yoga. I love Yoga. You can do it at home too. I also do a Mat Pilates class.

Here are a few helpful things on the food end that helped me.

Before I tell you the modifications that I have made to my diet that are working for me I want to let you know that I really paid attention to my body in order to come up with what I would limit and what would be my new way of eating. There are foods that caused my body to become inflamed and puffy. I would actually at times become lethargic. I was bloated, tired, in pain and uncomfortable.

  1. I gave up sugar. Yes all sugar.
  2. I reduced my carb intake to 50 grams or less daily
  3. No Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, bread, etc.
  4. I document everything I eat in the FitBit app.
  5. I drink 1 gallon of water a day.
  6. I drink only coffee, tea, and water. No soda.

I be very creative and prepare ahead for my meals and I only eat out occasionally But I try to make the best choices that I can when I do. I do indulge occasionally too.  This is a life style change for me and not a fad diet. So far I have lost some weight and the best part is I feel healthier all around.

As I progress more with what works best for me I will come back and share. The best part is that we are Shooting for Healthy and succeeding.

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19 thoughts on “Shooting for Healthy”


The diet change was great! Giving up sugar, carbs, and pop is a great way to feel great quickly.


Way to give up sugar! I couldn’t do it. But I could cut back a little. Just a little.

Jamie Harper

How did you give up sugar?? It is so hard!

Stephanie Christmas

You have a good plan in place! Keep up the good work 🙂


I love hearing about your giving up sugar. I know I need to. Thank you for the inspiration!


I don’t think I could ever give up sugar. Good for you!!

Kristi Ann

It takes serious willpower to give up all sugar!! I have given up all sodas and surgery drinks and drink a lot more water because of that. Has made a big difference for me!


Good tips! Walking definitely helps!

Laura Belle

Great tips. I am so happy when I hear people making positive steps toward there own health.

Candi Randolph

Thanks for the motivation…just bought a FitBit myself and am anxious to get started with it.


Love the list so motivational! And I track my steps with my Apple Watch and so helpful to visually see it. And my carbs are my enemy but thanks for sharing inspirational.


Fitbit does work, I love joining a group and challenging myself during the weeks race!!!


Good tips! I love my fitbit, and work to increase my activity a few hundred steps each week. I also agree that documenting food intake is a game changer.

Gail Valtier

I’m glad to hear the changes you are feeling healthier after all the changes you’ve made. Awesome! track.


Good for you! Water is a big one. Drinking enough to keep you hydrated can change your life! That is something I try to focus on every day and it’s not as easy as it seems!


I think about getting a fitbit. So happy to hear it is working for you.

Maggie |

Good on you for giving up sugar. I can’t even imagine that!


That’s awesome that you have been making progress! I always prep 4-5 salads at the beginning of the week and throw them in the fridge. I find I am much more likely to eat healthier if it is convenient and easy! Keep up the good work ????????

Mrs. SBF

I think listening to one’s body is essential for everyone. We live in our bodies and are the only one who knows what’s going on inside of it! 🙂
Good for you for recognizing the things your body is telling you and for making the necessary changes.
It’s hard to stay focused and diligent all of the time, but we sure are better off by doing so!

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