We are based on Self Growth, Spiritual Living, and Living in Unity. We are here to share and grow together. We believe we can help each other grow in every aspect of life and as we grow so does the world. We can all Thrive.

Shine On

Happy New Year 2016

Happy 2016!  We are now stepping into the new year. With that said my last few years have taken me for a bit of a ride. There have been lots of changes for me and lots of adjustments and learning. With my husband leaving, my children are grown and beginning to build their lives, moving from my home to my new home, and my divorce is now coming to a close I am now stepping into my new life.

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What are you Thankful for?

Tonight I am sitting here thinking about all that I am thankful for. GOD has surely blessed me throughout my life. Sometimes I think we don’t really take the time to really see what we have and I don’t mean just the things. I am looking at all the pieces of my life. Even in the tough times there has always been much positive to see.

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Looking Within

Today is the day that I will begin sharing my experiences in the beautiful life that we have created for ourselves. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we think life should be that we don’t really see the beauty in how everything is created for us to see.

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